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Life with 125,000 Muslims on the less than 2 sq km rock island called Malè in Maldives.

An exposé at cockroach-crawl level.

100 per cent Muslim country.

Host to 100 luxury resorts.


This current book is about my three years in Maldives.

A further book revolves around recent travels to India and periods living in Singapore and the Cayman Islands.


Also here are some of my master’s reports and occasionally writing/publishing tips that I come across.


Other site…


… black (so far) essays (something more light-hearted coming we hope) and how I overcame my disfigurements.


In  the past I have studied social sciences, performing arts, event management and recently I completed a master’s degree in communication management.

I’ve lived in nine countries and travelled to about thirty.

Jobs intelligence officer, social worker, sales-marketing executive, researcher-writer, teacher, festival manager, door to door encyclopedia sales, autocue for conferences and TV, BBC radio production.


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