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amuse-bouche comedy in progress #1


I do not mind confessing that I enjoy the Got Talent shows on television.
However, the American version is all the more fascinating, by which of course I mean, ghastly, due to the very reserved judges. Continue reading “amuse-bouche comedy in progress #1”

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iWitness Maldives #2

maldives very first ladies

Let me preface this by acknowledging some readers were upset about comments in iWitness Maldives #1, so I confessed that I had been deliberately seeking a response. And I got one.  Continue reading “iWitness Maldives #2”

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amuse-bouche comedy in progress #2


What distinguishes us from animals is the cruel prospect of hope.

If animals knew that life mostly stinks – then we all conk out – then even the maggots would be hanging themselves with little tiny nooses made from entrails which helpfully are always handy if you are a maggot. Continue reading “amuse-bouche comedy in progress #2”

Memoir and Voice and Why You Need to Sharpen Up


Whilst Frank McCourt [Angela’s Ashes] and Augusten Burroughs [Running With Scissors; A Wolf at the Table] survived accusations of inaccuracies in their memoirs, James Frey’s highly successful A Million Little Pieces, 2002 [featured on Oprah’s Book Club] did not help the genre when it was later revealed he made up 70 per cent.  Continue reading “Memoir and Voice and Why You Need to Sharpen Up”

The Worst Book Review Ever But It Stops Me Being Deluded!

This post is a bit long but I hope it is worthwhile trawling through to the bitter end (!).

Following is a terrible review I received about some chapters I released from my Maldives journal (at that time called I Can Laugh – NOW).  Continue reading “The Worst Book Review Ever But It Stops Me Being Deluded!”

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