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A Response to: “Why I Gave Up the Dream of Getting Published” by Jessica Davidson

Does my bum/ego/writer-ly delusion – look big on this (Jurassic) rock?

My post below is in response to the above-named (see link also).

I thought this article demonstrated tremendous insight. I know nothing of your novel-writing but I too have been studying the (new) publishing world for about five years. I realised a while ago that my query letter was rubbish;  Continue reading


Maldives 9

Biyadhoo Resort 07/2017

A new shoe-shop has opened in Villingili but the owner is taking no chances and has diversified. You might enter looking for footwear but you are just as likely to emerge with the latest in tinned tuna.  Continue reading

My Entry #6


“You’ve heard of the glass ceiling; welcome to the foam ladder.”

My Entries #1 – #5


This is definitely not what I thought they meant by achieving a ‘work-life balance.’ #5


161031_contest-690“I think we need to readdress the terms of the ivory donor scheme with you-know-who. ” #4



“I just do not believe that all those ruff layers are from her real, actual friends.” #3



“So, the mugger look is your idea of blending in, is it?” #2



“I am the last specialist in this field; my colleagues will not touch anything bigger than a bank-card.” #1