“What’s It All About, Janee?”

Me on living in the Maldives, Singapore, the Cayman Islands and India in recent times; and a few other countries after that if the first part of the plan ever concludes.

Hello. Originally I was going to try and get this all published as a chronological book/s (HAH!) but have since decided to write essays and combine similar themes/experiences from the different countries. That is easier in one way in that I can cope with essay-sized texts but then I have to comb through ten years of journals to sift out the bits that go together.




Since coming to London, I have done a number of comedy and improv’ courses – with regard to the latter, including a week with The Second City (Canada and USA). Leading on from that and in an attempt to ‘build a platform,’ I am going to put up some videos of readings (of essay excerpts) and some of my darker humour – so dark I was forbidden to go on stage in two comedy shows recently (!).

My angle is to find out why people laugh at certain subjects in private but are too scared to in public. The theme running through all my stories is that I do not make fun of certain sectors as all the stories are actually about my personal and longstanding inadequacies; I am making fun of myself which is what comedy is essentially about.  The three photos here were taken by myself in Maldives in July 2017 with a disposable camera (hence the shite quality).




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