Maldives 3

Dhoni Towards Male’ from Ibrahim Nasir Airport

My “processing” begins with the aid of Shiva, a debonair Indian with a lush moustache worthy of writing home about. I suspect he would be better looking sans moustache but I can hardly say that.  I imagine I will get around to it, however.

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Maldives 2

Lone Palm

The Police station is opposite me. Quite what they do I cannot imagine, especially as the station appears to be bigger than the hospital.

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Maldives 1


Islands from Air Taxi Sea-Plane

The fish market.  The enormous, rotund, shiny tuna fascinate me. There are also hundreds of smaller fish being delicately placed by size on the tiles in a precise pattern.  Continue reading

Memoir and Voice and Why You Need to Sharpen Up

Whilst Frank McCourt [Angela’s Ashes] and Augusten Burroughs [Running With Scissors; A Wolf at the Table] survived accusations of inaccuracies in their memoirs, James Frey’s highly successful A Million Little Pieces, 2002 [featured on Oprah’s Book Club] did not help the genre when it was later revealed he made up 70 per cent.  Continue reading

The Worst Book Review Ever But It Stops Me Being Deluded!

This post is a bit long but I hope it is worthwhile trawling through to the bitter end (!).

Following is a terrible review I received about some chapters I released from my Maldives journal (at that time called I Can Laugh – NOW).  Continue reading

Listen, Drongo, You Are Not Elizabeth Gilbert and You Never Will Be

Writers Week (7-12 March) was part of the 2014 New Zealand Festival in Wellington (21 Feb- 16 March).  

I attended some seminars from the Writers Week, one of which was Life After Eat, Pray, Love [EPL] with Elizabeth Gilbert [EG].  Continue reading

If Professional Authors Need a Promotional Plan So Do You

These days it is up to new authors to come up with their own marketing and promotional plans because it is all about platform and making yourself stand out in the various marketplaces. Continue reading